SB 193 Commission to Study Pathways to Oral Health Care

In 2014, the New Hampshire Legislature established the Commission to Study Pathways to Oral Health Care in New Hampshire, the purpose of which is to analyze and evaluate barriers to and coverage for dental care for underserved New Hampshire residents, the impact of the implementation of expanded function dental assistants and certified public health dental hygienists, and how adding these 2 new professions to the dental team will meet the need for oral health services in New Hampshire Such evaluation shall include a review of oral health access data and needs and coverage needs for dental services for underserved New Hampshire residents.  All meetings are public.

In addition to the Commission’s official General Court webpage, the New Hampshire Oral Health Coalition is hosting Commission information on this page as a service to the public, oral health stakeholders and to Commission members. The information and materials presented are the work of the Commission not the NH Oral Health Coalition.

SB 193 Oral Health Pathways Commission FINAL Report

General Court Study Commission Details

Commission Members

Jeb Bradley – Chair
Donna Soucy
James MacKay
Susan Emerson
Mary Ann Aldrich
Charles Saia
(Comm. on Disability)
Puneet Kochhar
(NH Dental Society)
Pamela Delahanty
(NH Dental Hygienists Assoc.)
Arthur McKibbin, Jr.
(NH Board of Dental Examiners)
Erika Argersinger
(NH Kids Count)
Gail Brown
(NH Oral Health Coalition)
Roger Achong
(NH Academy of Pediatric Dentistry)
Sarah Finne replaced Margaret Snow upon her retirement
(NH Medicaid Dental Director)
Janet Laatsch
(Bi-State Primary Care Assoc.)
Robert Ritchie
(State Comm. on Aging)

The commission shall report its findings and any recommendations for proposed legislation to the president of the senate, the speaker of the house of representatives, the senate clerk, the house clerk, the governor, and the state library on or before November 15, 2015.

Meeting Archive