Past Events

CHARTING THE COURSE: Developing the Roadmap to Advance Oral Health in New Hampshire  Over the summer of 2016, the NH Oral Health Coalition held meetings in Claremont, Keene, Lebanon, Littleton, Manchester,  Plymouth and Portsmouth to introduce the 2015 NH Oral Health Plan and the NH Oral Health Program Five-year Communication Plan.   Meeting participants  reviewed the priorities, objectives, and strategies outlined in both Oral Health Plans, incorporating some results from the NH Oral Health Baseline Survey and the NH Oral Health Data 2015 Report.  Attendees shared information on current oral health projects, services, and needs. The Information gathered will be used to provide a timeline for statewide oral health advancement.  

Advancing Oral Health in NH: New Data, New Action  March 29, 2016 Research funded by the HNH Foundation.