Advancing Oral Health Service for NH’s Seniors and Institutionalized Individuals

The Policy Mini-Summit focused on medical-dental integration within the NH senior and adult population including those served by nursing homes, assisted livings, senior centers and other institutions.  Both institutional and community-based options were explored.

Event Packet Materials


  • John Ahern, DDS, President, NH Dental Society – Community-based oral health service and access for children and seniors; changing complexity of dental medicine,
    Presentation: Long-term Care Residents
  • Elizabeth “BJ” Brown, C-PHDH, RDH, clinician and educator – Oral health needs and access for adults and seniors in community and institutional settings including new technologies,
    Presentation: Improving Quality of Life
  • Roxie Severance, NHA, Executive Director at The Morrison – Oral needs, barriers and resources within the nursing home and assisted living communities,
    Presentation: Oral Health and Seniors
  • Angela Braswell, MS, RN, CWOCN, CNL, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of NH – Clinical oral health needs, challenges and interventions within the nursing home setting,
    Presentation:  Every Nursing Home Needs an Oral Care Champion
  • Annette Cole, C-PHDH, RDH, North Country Health Consortium/Molar Express – Mobile and innovate approaches to senior care,
  • Joan Fitzgerald, C-PHDH, RDH, President, Oral Healthcare @ Home, Inc. – Home-based oral health needs and strategies for seniors and special populations,
  • CJ Young, RN, CCHP, Director of Nursing, Merrimack County Department of Corrections and Jennifer Toy, DDS – Identifying the oral health needs, challenges, and strategies for adults and seniors in the correctional system,
    Presentation: Advancing Oral Health Services for Incarcerated Individuals
  • Gail T. Brown, JD, MSW and Judith Nicholson, MEd, NH Oral Health Coalition – Baseline Survey oral health data about NH’s adults and seniors in community-based programs.
    Presentation: Establishing the Base: Identifying NH’s Non-traditional Oral Health Settings