NH’s Children Will Benefit From Early Prevention Strategies

This week the NH Senate  passed House Bill 1537, an act allowing primary care providers to provide dental disease prevention measures for children 0-3 enrolled.  This bill directs the Department of Health and Human services to seek funding that would enable primary care providers to deliver preventive oral health services to very young children.

This legislation has received broad bi-partisan support in the NH House of Representatives and the Senate.  Both Republicans and Democrats recognize the serious problem of dental disease in children.

This bill  sparked over 30 stakeholder groups as well as several concerned individuals who were willing to share thier support for improving the oral health of NH’s very young children during the bill’s legislative process.  NH could anticipate many of those same stakeholders working together to insure that this critical prevention strategy not be lost during the state’s gruelling budget process.

NH Oral Health Coalition is pleased that the NH Legislature is committed to keeping NH’s children healthy.